A short story for you…  a little darker than some.


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The naked young girl lay curled up on the grass mat, her shoulders gently shaking as she silently cried.  On either side of her stood two black men, one old, one young, and at her feet stood a thin, sickly man whose age was hard to determine through the ravages of disease.

“I hope this one is for real, Abshir,” said the sickly man to the older, portly man.

“My cousin just took her and her sister from a safari in the bush after hearing from Nigel that an American family was visiting with their girls from University.  The white girls wait longer than our sisters, you know that.  I guarantee she is still a virgin or I’ll give you your money back.  How is that for a deal?”

“Acceptable.  That last girl you brought me didn’t cure me.  Is there something different I should do?”

“If you remember, the last girl, god rest her soul, was too small for you.  You must make sure the girl takes you all the way in so her body may suck the poison from you.”

 “I will, Abshir, I will,” said the sick man as he dropped his baggy trousers exposing a heavily veined, thick, long black cock that hung half way down his thigh.

The older man, Abshir, shook his head with a grin and said, “Cousin, it is no wonder you are in the trouble you are in.  All the girls must want you when they see you are hung like a donkey!” 

Nodding to the young man standing across from him, he continued, “Nagoon, make sure you hold her firmly.  She will not take your cousin easily I’m afraid.”  With that, the old man and the young knelt on either side of the young girl and each taking a wrist, pulled the struggling young girl open until she was lying on her back, facing the enormously hung sick man who stood at her feet.

 The sick man slowly stroked himself as he took in the girl’s beauty; her firm young breasts with their small, hard brown nipples.  Her slender stomach leading down to her slim hips and the glossy, fine hair of the beckoning mound between her legs excited him in a way his country women did not and he felt the electric lust of youth raise his throbbing, thick cock. 

Hope, mixed with the desire to rut, temporarily gave him back the energy for life the disease had robbed him of as he spread the young girl’s long legs and knelt over her.

“Hold her steady Abshir,” he said as the young girl struggled and pleaded in her native language. 

He wet his hand with his tongue and slid it between her legs, moistening her.  Satisfied, he took himself in one hand and holding her thighs wide with his knees, placed the impossibly fat head of his cock between her thighs and slowly, stretched the hole of the girl wide. 

Groaning in pain, the man’s fat cock feeling like it was tearing her front and back, the girl tried to buck away from him.  With a grunt, he sank a little beyond the head of his shaft in her tight, hot, hole, freeing both hands which he now used to hold her straining, slim hips steady.

“Ah, Abshir… she is so tight, she must be a virgin!” he said as he drove further into her hips pinned to the mat. 

“Cousin, this is the one.  She will cure you of this disease the white man calls Aids.  Just remember, you must be all the way inside her for her to suck the poison from your body.”

The bony, sick man held the girl steady and with visible effort drove his thick cock deeper in her tight hole until with a back arching gasp, the girl groaned and strained against the two men holding her down.

“Cousin, I think you have just “popped her cherry” as the Americans say.  Pull out a little and see if the blood of her virginity is on you,” said Abshir.

The sick man pulled out a little and running the white palm of his hand along his throbbing rod, held it up for Abshir to see.  “Abshir, you are a man of your word.  This girl will be my cure and I will forever be indebted to you.  Let me finish taking my medicine and then I will buy you a drink at the Arab’s,” he said with joy.  Pinning the girl’s hips with his now, he held her down by her shoulders and with new found energy, drove deeper into her with each thrust.  Deeper and deeper his fat cock sank into her until at last he could feel the soft wall of her womb stretched tight over the throbbing head of his cock, but alas, only two thirds of his vein lined rod was in her stretched cunt.

“Abshir, I am as far as I can go but I am not all the way in!” the sick man said in distress.

“Cousin, do not worry about the girl.  You have bought her and she is no more to you or I than a goat in the field.  You must be cured.  Drive harder until you are all the way in.  Nagoon and I will hold her tight for you!”

The sick man paused, taking in the slim white girl pinned on the grass mat below him, and with a grunt, he drove hard into her, again and again, his fat cock hammering deep inside her, stretching her soft womb tighter and tighter around his fat cock.  At first, with each thrust the young girl would arch her body and scream, but as the brutal pounding and stretching increased in tempo, her wails became a long, sustained, sobbing shriek.  Irked, Abshir grabbed a handful of her discarded clothes bunched in a corner of the little hut and stifled her wails with her panties and khaki shorts.

“Much better, Abshir, thank you,” grunted the sick man between strokes.  “I’m almost there,” he said as he felt himself both on the verge of cumming, and the first light tickles of his swaying balls slapping into her tightly clenched ass.

Grunting, sweating with effort, the sick man drove hard between her legs, and with toes dug into the soil, ground his long cock inside the girl, stirring her abdomen with his thick, pulsing rod.  The girl, shrieking non-stop into her gag of silken panties struggled, thrashing, like a taught bow beneath the man, and then it was over, she went silent and limp at the same time… her eyes rolling back into her head.

 Loose beneath the sick man now, he was able to thrust her slender body down onto his thrusting cock by her shoulders until his shaft was sunk balls deep in her stretched cunt.  Straining to hold himself deep inside her still body, he felt the soft tap of her heart against the head of his cock before with great electric spasms, he came.  Torrents of his diseased, hot cum pumped down his long shaft into her limp body and constrained by her womb stretched tight around his cock like a sheath, mixed with drops of her virginal blood until a bubbly pink mix squirted between her tightly stretched lips and his massive rod to drip and froth down her tight butt cheeks onto the grass mat of the hut.

Harder, the sick man strained to be inside her, his teeth gnashing and the muscles of his emaciated body rippling as he strained, cumming deep inside her.  Her soft, pale breasts jiggled silently, mirroring his thrusts and groans.  Again and again his body shuddered as the sheath of the young girl’s body milked his diseased cock dry.

“Yes, Abshir, yes,” he said softly as he finished and lay on the still form of the young girl.  “This was the one, you were right.”

“I’m glad you found her satisfactory cousin, but I must ask, what do you intend to do with her now?  She is yours, bought and paid for, but now that she has served her purpose…?”

“Abshir, I do not desire to keep her.  You may have her to do with as you may.  I know you will find her more useful than I.”

“Thank you cousin, you are very generous.”  Nodding to the young Nagoon as the diseased man sat up and cleaned himself off before dressing, Abshir said, “Nagoon, you know what to do with her.  Your cousin and I will be going out for a drink now.  When I come back I want her ready to go.”

Sitting on his heels, Nagoon nodded and said, “ I understand Uncle.”

After the two men left the tent, Nagoon rolled the still body of the unconscious girl over and lowering his pants to expose his hard cock, he spread her butt cheeks and sank his rod slowly into her soft ass.


  Almost done, panting a little as he rammed his cock hard into her soft, pale ass, he felt the girl stiffen under him.  Jamming it to the hilt, his balls hard against the cool lips of her cunt, the girl moaned at first and then with a cry tried to turn over and kick away from Nagoon.

“Stop it you bitch!” he hissed and pressing her back down with one hand in the middle of her back, with the other he slammed her face into the ground by the back of her head and held it there.  She cried piteously under him and bucked against his cock hard in her ass, stimulating him more, while with her hands she tore at the ground on either side of her.

 “Yes, you white whore,” he moaned as he began fucking her again; quicker now, his long black cock coming all the way out her puckered, tight ass with an inaudible pop, only to slam through and sink to the base of his shaft in her steamy, wet heat.  Again and again he fucked her, pressing her face savagely into the ground, his hips arching high above her defenseless ass before savagely spearing his cock deep between her butt cheeks.

Grunting with the effort now, feeling his come pooling, ready to spew forth into her slender body, he drove hard into her one last time with all his weight.  Grinding, pushing into her, mashing her buttocks flat from his weight and his powerful legs digging into the earth to drive his fat cock even deeper inside her, he ground her slowly across the floor of the hut before he went rigid and hot white come exploded from his dick in a flood, filling the belly of the young white girl.  Groaning, the young man strained into the slender body of the young girl, emptying himself until he was drained. Exhausted and spent, he collapsed along her soft back.  Lying on top of her, her body disappearing under his bulk, he smelled the rose scent of her shampoo and marveled at the world she must have come from.

She stirred under him and he got up, relishing the tight grasp of her ass on his flaccid dick.  He used an old tee shirt from the corner of the hut to clean himself off and then he tossed it on her back and told her to get up.  She couldn’t understand his words, but she figured it out and getting on her feet, cleaned herself with the stained tee shirt. 

Nagoon pointed to her skimpy piles of clothes and she picked them up and put them on;  first a wadded pair of white silken panties, then her khaki shorts.  Finding her skimpy lace bra and button up short sleeve safari shirt in another corner, she put those on as well while Nagoon watched.  The men hadn’t bothered to remove her short socks and boots before they had raped her so she was okay in that department.

 Dressed, she stood looking at Nagoon, waiting for some instruction, and he pointed at the mat.  She sat and before Nagoon stepped out of the hut, he made a violent cutting motion to let her know what would happen if she left the hut, then he opened the grass mat door, looked both ways and stepped out before tying the door shut with a pathetic little string.  Scared, the girl sat on the mat by a pole supporting the roof in the middle of the hut and wondered what to do.



  When the sun went down, Nagoon and his uncle, Abshir returned to the hut, both obviously having stopped and had one drink too many at their local watering hole.  “Come on girl,” Abshir said in his language and motioned for the girl to get to her feet.  Doing so, Nagoon grabbed her roughly by her elbow and led her out into the night.  “Nagoon, bring the machete,” he called as he and the girl walked toward the jungle.

Abshir and Nagoon had originally been pleased with how their day had gone.  They had made a fairly substantial sum of money from their friend dying of Aids and looked to make considerably more selling the young white girl to the important men of the surrounding villages, but while at the bar they had heard disturbing news.  The native police, who usually never paid attention to such matters as who was sleeping with whom, had stopped by the bar and asked some of the patrons questions about a young white girl who had been kidnapped from a local safari.  Evidently, the girl’s parents were well known by the local political leaders, plus, they had money and they were using both to gain the recovery of their daughter.  They overheard the constable in the bar say whoever had taken this young girl was going to pay a serious price to keep the politicians happy.  In a land where a serious price meant anything from having one’s hand cut off to being hung, Abshir and Nagoon were right to be afraid when they left the bar.

“Yes Uncle, I’ll bring the machete,” young Nagoon replied as he tested its edge.  Leaving the hut, Nagoon followed after Abshir and the girl.

The three followed a path known to the two men into the night as the moon rose.  Here and there, patches of moonlight cast a silvery glow, illuminating the tall trees and the occasional clearing.  Silently, the three walked in single file, Abshir leading the way and Nagoon in back with the girl between them.  Finally, after two hours of walking, Ashir stopped.

“This is good, Nagoon.  We’re far enough away that she will never be found.

It is too bad we’ve had to go through all of this.  I was looking forward to making much money off her and now all I will do is worry until this trouble blows over.

I haven’t even had a chance to taste her fruits, have you Nagoon?”

“Yes, while you concluded your deal this afternoon I took her from behind so I wouldn’t get the sickness.”

 “Ah, good for you.  I bet she was good.”

 “Very good uncle.  The sickness may be in her now but I’ve never heard of anyone getting it from using a woman’s mouth.  Why don’t you take her that way before we do what must be done?  It will help to relax you.”

“I think I will, Nagoon.  Thank you for the kindness.”  Abshir approached the girl and placing his hands on her shoulders, pushed her to her knees.  Unzipping his pants, he said, “Nagoon, hold that blade against her throat so she knows what will happen if she gives me trouble.”

 Nagoon stood behind the girl and placed the sharp edge of the machete against her throat.  Abshir, holding his swollen cock with one hand, wrapped the girl’s long hair around his other and forced his cock into her mouth.  “Even her mouth is tight and wet nephew.  What a wonderful girl this one is.  Let me see if she will take me all the way in.”  With both hands holding her head now, he pressed the fat head of his cock against the back of her throat until she started to gag.  As she gagged, pushing at his thighs with her slim hands to free herself, he brutally rammed his cock hard against the back of her throat, again and again, until at last his cock penetrated her tight throat and slid down her long, thin neck. 

 “Ah Nephew, she is good this one!” he moaned as his thick cock slid up and down the tight funnel of the girl’s throat.  Gagging underneath him, bucking, she tried to push free from his suffocating cock, but his strong hands stayed wrapped around her head and ground her face into the pubic hair at the base of his fat shaft.  Sensing her franticness beneath him, he slid his cock out of her throat so she could gasp for air and then he violently jammed her face back on his cock.  Thrusting his hips into her face while he pulled her head onto his dick, again and again, he fucked her throat like a jack-rabbit in the cool light of the moon. 

Panting, he let her have one more breath and then he rammed it home again, his cock swelling her throat as it pound up and down her long neck, her face held up by his calloused hands to receive his thick tube of cock down her throat.  Frenzied, he pumped her face until stiffening, he pulled her into his crotch and thick, ropey jets of his hot come spurt down her throat.  “Yes,” he groaned as his cock pumped into her, his hot come burning down her throat into her stomach where it poured in a heated pool. 

 Finally spent, he pushed her away from him and he stumbled backward to lean against a tall tree, his dick softening in the night.  Pulling up his pants, he watched as the girl rested on all fours to gag and spit on the cool floor of the jungle.  His nephew stood to the side, the long machete held along his leg.  With a nod from Abshir, Nagoon stepped forward and raised the machete high in the air…

The end.

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The cover of my latest short story.  Think of it as a how to manual…
Take What You Want

  “Oh my god, please no mister!” the girl said as the fat man pressed her face into the dirty mattress.

  “Honey, you’re gonna take it and you’re gonna like it,” he laughed as he straddled her round little bubble ass.  “Hey Johnny, you ever do a girl this way before?” he asked as he pushed her face harder into the smelly mattress with one hand and with the other rubbed the head off his fat, purple veined cock between her smooth butt cheeks.

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